The technical innovation of P3TEC debuts in a beautiful wall protection collection with three key advantages:
Impact Resistant
P3TEC is engineered to withstand an impact force much greater than other wallcovering and wall protection products. P3TEC retains key advantages of physical flexibility and provides superior resistance to damage from carts and other moving objects.
Chemical Resistant
Protected with a cap film, P3TEC resists surface damage from the harshest chemicals and staining agents*. Spray paint, permanent markers and more can be easily removed, leaving P3TEC unblemished and unstained.
Abrasion Resistant
To protect against surface damage from contact with items like chair backs and wheeled devices, P3TEC provides exceptional* abrasion resistance.
By the Roll
Compared to 4' x 8' rigid sheets, P3TEC ships, handles and installs easily, in 15-yard rolls, with no need to lay flat until ready to install.
Seamless Covering
Give your walls a full-height, continuous look. No need to install rigid sheets horizontally, and no caulk, reveals or connection pieces are required. The only accessory you need is coordinating corner guards for outside corners.
Using techniques from Type II wallcovering, P3TEC installs simply with wallcovering adhesive, and is easily trimmed around permanent fixtures.
Compelling wall protection collection of 15 designs, with 260+ color choices. Bring the look of silk, linen and wovens to high-traffic, high-abuse areas in healthcare, food service, transportation and much more.